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Automatic on-boarding with Mailchimp

Brian Clare CEO of Blueprint Accounting, Inc

Hi readers, my name is Brian Clare and I’m the CEO of Blueprint Accounting, Inc., out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In the June edition of the Digital Accountancy Magazine’s Zap of the Month I showed you a way to automatically send receipt requests to your clients for month-end using Zapier. That, along with this month’s Zap of the Month, will help move you towards automating more of your firm.

The Zap I want to talk about this month is super simple to implement and will save you a ton of time during on-boarding. You’ll no longer need to send a welcome email or request to book an on-boarding meeting, it’ll all be handled by this simple Zap utilizing MailChimp. I mentioned in the first Zap of the Month article about the receipt requests being one of our favourites. It is near the top, but this takes the cake, hands-down. Similar to that previous Zap, we’re going to use MailChimp, an email marketing app, to send out this drip campaign to on-board our brand-new client. There is so much more that can be added to this Zap for on-boarding, but this truly is the best piece because it makes the client experience so easy. The client won’t be asking you questions about what’s next when you implement this Zap.

So, let’s talk about how to automate your on-boarding with MailChimp.

There are a few steps you need to complete before you dive into the Zap:

  • Make sure you have an Audience in MailChimp created so that your new client can be placed in that Audience
  • Make sure you have Tags set up so that you can Tag your new client with the appropriate, well, Tag
  • Make sure you have a drip campaign set up by going to Create Campaign, selecting Automated, then under Featured there should be one called Email subscribers when they’re tagged
  • From there you need to go through and set up your drip campaign. I’m not going to dive into this in detail using words because I explain it in the video below

This Zap is Triggered by Practice Ignition because that’s what we use for our proposal management. As long as your proposal software has some sort of ‘accepted proposal’ Trigger then you can use this interchangeably. For the Trigger Event, you can select Service Accepted by Client. You’ll understand why we use this Trigger Event later. The first Action step is Formatter by Zapier with the Action Event of Text. We’re going to separate the first and last name from the Contact Name field in the proposal to be used in another Action step. In the Customize section, select the Contact Name field for Input, Separator as [:space:], and Segment Index as All (as Separate Fields).

The second Action step is Filter by Zapier. You’ll have two (2) filters here as an AND function:

  • Client Accepted Proposal Count, (Number) Less than, 2; AND
  • Service Name, (Text) Contains, bookkeeping

You’ll need to make sure that your service names in PI have the word bookkeeping in them if you’re going to add clients to a bookkeeping on-boarding drip campaign (you can use the same filter with different service names). If you don’t have that word in your service name, then the Zap will fail, and your drip campaign won’t kick off. Remember above how I mentioned you need to choose Service Accepted by Client as your Trigger Event? This is exactly why!

The third Action step is Add/Update Subscriber in MailChimp. In this step, we are going to add our new client to an Audience in MailChimp. In the Customize Subscriber section of the step you’ll fill in the following information:

Audience: whatever Audience you’re going to use for your on-boarding

  • Subscriber Email: grab this from the Trigger data as Contact Email
  • Double Opt-In: set to False (just in case, but it shouldn’t matter since we’re adding a subscriber for the first time)
  • Groups: if you have this set up then you can pick the correct one you need, otherwise leave it blank
  • Tags: select your bookkeeping on-boarding Tag, in this case it is BO for Blueprint
  • First Name: grab this from second Action step data where you split the first and last name
  • Last Name: same thing as step 6
  • The remaining fields you can fill in if you have that information from your Trigger data

Your Zap is now complete! Great job! Now, every time a proposal is accepted, your client will go through your on-boarding process with ease, knowing what is coming down the pipeline, and also giving you and your team some lead time to get them on-boarded properly. If you want more tips on how to use Zapier in your firm, check out The Blueprint Blog where I share some videos on various Zaps I’ve created to help automate Blueprint. I’ve also written several blogs on integrating Practice Ignition with various apps using Zapier. Check them out here:

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Happy Zapping!

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