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Digital 100 Alliance Virtual Breakfast

As part of our ongoing support to help the accountancy industry explore all the benefits to a digital future, we are co-running an exclusive breakfast event with our official Digital Accountancy Week sponsors, the Digital 100 Alliance.

The Digital 100 Alliance is a consortium of cutting edge fast growth technology companies aligned to bring you the future, a connected cloud based technology stack for top 100 accountancy firms.

The breakfast discussion will be on what the future of technology holds for large size accountancy firms. We will be taking a look at an exclusive technology

stack that can unlock better strategic decision making, huge efficiency gains and deeper more meaningful relationships with our clients.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand where you are in your digital journey
  • Going beyond technology: The impact a connected cloud based technology system can have on strategic decision-making, efficiency and client relationships.
  • Understand the 8 Key Pillars of cloud transformation
  • Experience how you can do this in practice The event is on 14th October at 9am and you can register for this virtual breakfast below.

Xledger sessions

Client transformation, from X to XL: What to do when your client outgrows its bookkeeping system

Hosts: Peter Hucker and Rosalie Tengey Are you currently using SME finance software but looking to retain larger, more profitable clients? Find out how scalable, mid-market accountancy software can help you serve more complex clients while enabling you to grow your business without the associated overheads.

This session will explore the advantages of using tailored, flexible accounting software to serve bigger clients and provide them with greater visibility and control. You will leave the session knowing how to identify the common trigger points that lead to a client requiring a mid-market software solution, and how you can meet their evolving needs as they grow.

Reporting transformation for fast growth businesses

Host: Peter Hucker Clients who outsource their accounting function are commonly frustrated by a lack of visibility. As a

client grows, they demand a great degree of visibility over their organisation and for many, monthly financial accounts do not provide the management information necessary for timely, informed decision-making. While live reporting is considered the holy grail of client retention, is this feasible in a world where accurate record-keeping requires month-end adjustments? During this session, we will be separating fact from fiction to understand how you can leverage live reporting to provide your organisation with a competitive advantage.

Finance Transformation as a service: Top 10 ways to automate financial processes

Hosts: Rosalie Tengey Automation does not remove humans from the process - it empowers them. When machines are trained to do the tedious and repetitive work, we can focus on the activities which have the most impact on our client’s organisations. As a client grows, so does their need for high-value advisory services and automation frees up more time for this. With this in mind, we will be exploring the top ten ways you can leverage automation as a service to streamline your clients finance department during this session.

Industry survey: The impact of COVID-19 on accountancy firms

This year has been challenging, to say the least. COVID-19 has affected every part of accountancy practices, from business management to client services. Not to mention, of course, your clients' businesses.

At AccountancyManager (AM), we ran an anonymous survey, to see how accountants and bookkeepers have been doing. In this event, AM’s Sales Director Marcus Bellis sits down with Digital Accountancy Week’s Dan Cockerton to take a deep dive into the survey results. They examine the impact of COVID-19 on business metrics, team management, client service and more - including whether or not firms charged for furlough claims and COVID-related advice...

As restrictions are tightened UK-wide and we face many more months of uncertainty, this is your chance to take a step back, see how accountants’ lives changed and how firms have survived and thrived. It’s also a good opportunity to compare your firm to the results - and consider what changes you could make to get through busy season and beyond.

New ways of working: The adoption of technology in the workplace and the tools and solutions that work best

Technology can be transformative - optimising rather than changing your existing processes. Within an accountancy practice, your software ‘stack’ (combination of integrated

systems) can dramatically increase efficiency, give you total visibility across your teams, improve your clients’ experience and plenty more.

Digital advocates, Francesca Tricarico and Charlotte Wilson at Future Cloud Accounting, are no strangers to the latest cloud accounting apps. In this event, you’ll hear first-hand how they embrace technology throughout their practice. Future Cloud Accounting also aims to help businesses become more efficient by encouraging them to take advantage of the best cloud accounting solutions available.

Francesca and Charlotte are joined by Jonathan Stobart, Marketing Manager at AccountancyManager, the UK’s leading practice management software. They tell Jonathan which apps work for them, how they implement technology within their practice and how they encourage their clients and staff to embrace digital solutions.

Digital leadership and culture: Digital leadership in a new era and the effect on company culture

How can you as an accountant - and more importantly, a business owner - capitalise on the benefits of technology, while mitigating the impact on your team and company culture?

Technology is the future and recent months have demonstrated this fact. It can automate processes, optimise efficiency, improve communication - and even work to strengthen your culture. The ultimate goal for many is to save time. It’s up to you how you capitalise on this, more free time to work on the business at a higher level - or more time for you and your family.

With COVID-19 forcing a sudden and swift adoption of technology, what lessons have we learnt? And how can technology help you to achieve your strategic goals? Join AccountancyManager's James Byrne and Clarity's Aynsley Damery as they explore the potential rewards technology provides and how best to bring the whole team onboard.

Why you can’t afford to miss Fluidly Live at Digital Accountancy Week

We’re thrilled to announce that Fluidly is running three sessions at Digital Accountancy Week, the UK’s largest technology festival for accountants.

Fluidly is sponsoring the final day of the online conference, Advisory Live, which is for practices who want to grow through advisory and business support services. Here’s what’s on the agenda:

1. Funding after CBILS: What’s next for businesses, and how can accountants help?

A panel session on the future of small business funding with a brilliant roster of guest speakers from Esme, MarketFinance and Xero. Join us to learn about:

  • The changing role of accountants and advisers
  • The impact of Covid-19 on small business tech adoption
  • Leveling the playing field between high street banks and alternative lenders

2. Funding secrets: An intimate chat with the co-founder of gourmet popcorn brand Joe & Seph’s

Adam Sopher shares how the gourmet popcorn business went from a kitchen table startup funded with an overdraft to exporting in 19 countries with BGF investment and a recent CBILS loan.

Plus, how the business has survived the last six months, from pivoting to online sales to weekly cashflow reports.

3. Product update: Introducing Fluidly’s new funding tools

From planning ahead to getting cash in the bank, Fluidly provides a single app for every cashflow conversation.

Hear from Fluidly’s CEO and founder, Caroline Plumb, about its new funding tools – which are designed to help you advise clients in a simple, hassle-free way.

The Practice Leaders series

The Practice Leaders series, brought to you by Capitalise, is dedicated to exploring the challenges and opportunities that come with the leading an accounting firm. Previous sessions have drawn insight and inspiration from fellow leaders in other fields - military, music, banking and even comedy.

This special edition we focus on the conversations with your clients about buying, selling and exiting.

Business transfer websites report that their unique visitor numbers halved over the lockdown period, as less business owners looked to sell and would-be purchasers ran for the hills. But, much like the

regular post-summer and post-Christmas boom, they fully expect there to be an increase in activity again as entrepreneurs begin to plan for growth and those older business owners decide that this time, enough is enough.

The words ‘corporate finance’ can invoke a marmite-response in accountants. Corporate Finance as a phrase has a fairly non-digital reputation and potentially a mixed definition in the market - it certainly is a reputation of relationships and of conversations. However, in reality that is exactly what it should be - however we can reimagine how the service is onboarded, delivered and offered. “Fewer emails, more answers. Say yes to more and grow your client relationships with confidence you can deliver.”

As a result, we’re not challenging the principles of why Corporate Finance exists - we’re embracing it but we are challenging how it is perceived and done. We want to modernise it and create more success in the firms that offer or want to offer it.

Registration for the Digital Accountancy Week is open now and you can book your space below

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