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CCH Practice Management

The way that practices operate has fundamentally shifted in 2020. Historically, colleagues worked in an office together with the occasional opportunity to work from home. In recent months, this has turned on its head and the UK workforce has been mainly working from home. Remote working will be the new new normal. Distributed working means that practices must be able to easily see and track what’s going on in their business, both internally with their own employees and, perhaps more importantly, with their clients. For practices who wish to be fit for the future, the need to have the right tools is paramount - to ensure visibility, to meet client deadlines and to guarantee that they are running a profitable and efficient business themselves. Practices that do

not identify and work with the right technology partner will find themselves blind to what’s truly going on in their own business.

CCH Practice Management enables you to manage your clients and your practice with ease. Moving beyond just managing clients, contacts and tasks, CCH Practice Management takes care of everything a practice needs including employee planning, expenses, purchase ledger, budgets, time recording, billing and automated credit control, and is fully integrated with the CCH Central suite. With ever-lowering margins for compliance work, find out how CCH Practice Management can help your practice work as efficiently as possible. Click here to view our video.

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How small accounting firms get organised and manage work

In a short editorial there is only so much we can say about Pixie… We could tell you how simple it is to use and get set up, and why our email, task and file management helps you to save time, and keep all of your important client communications in one place for you and your team to access at any time, even when you’re not in the office together. We could tell you how our innovative approach to creating ‘training manuals’ within your workflows by embedding loom videos and checklists, is transforming the way firms train new team members, delegate work and ensure consistency. Or we could ask some of our happy customers to share their experiences of using Pixie

"Having tried most of the main players in the market, we’d been using a few non-industry specific apps until we found Pixie. We love the simplicity, the core features, the ease of use & ease of implementation. It’s the best tool we’ve seen in years in practice management." - Kieran Phelan, Cloud360 Accounting "Pixie has been a lifesaver for our small but growing firm. We kept getting stuck experimenting with clunky practice management software. Pixie provided everything we need to gather client data, streamline workflows, & track communications and deadlines." - Jessica Farmer, Foray Business. Pixie is priced at just £49 for the whole firm - you don’t pay per-user fees, making it affordable for small but growing firms.

Award-winning, time-saving practice management software

AccountancyManager (AM) is a multi-award-winning onboarding and practice management software built by accountants, for accountants. Trusted by thousands of practices, AM automates the admin involved in running an accountancy practice, from onboarding and invoicing to internal time management and chasing clients. As a practice management software, AccountancyManager sits at the heart of your practice. AM was born out of a busy accountancy practice, designed to automate as much of your processes as possible and save considerable time. Starting with onboarding, AM automates your proposals, letters of engagement, 64-8s, professional clearance, AML ID

and credit checks and client chasing. Moving on to your clients’ accounts and returns, AM requests and reminds your clients to provide their records with automated emails and texts, generates task lists for everyone in your practice and offers time and profitability tracking. There’s a secure client portal where you can share documents with your clients and get e-signatures too. Finally, AM automates your invoices, which can be integrated with your accounting software. On top of all this, AccountancyManager keeps your whole team connected and updated with messaging and in-system notifications.

IRIS Practice Management

Why is excellent practice management software vital for a flourishing, productive accountancy firm?

When used correctly, practice management is the firm’s backbone, increasing efficiency and profits, and enabling you to report across all your data, from workflow to tax, company secretarial, to accounts production.

Crucially, it enables accountants to keep track of a multitude of different filing deadlines for clients and upcoming deliverables – be that monthly payroll, MTD for VAT, personal and corporate tax returns, or Companies House submissions.

How do you select the right software for your practice?

Take your time. Don’t hastily buy, based on price. Consider your entire firm and assess all business challenges, rather than focusing on a single issue. Think about the firm’s needs over the coming five years and choose a durable option that avoids having to switch again in that time. Find a solution that integrates with all your systems to create a single source of truth.

IRIS Practice Management delivers:

  • a centralised hub for storing, sharing, and tracking all your client data and communication
  • time savings: customers say it saves 2.5 hours per person per month
  • a real-time, single, unified view of your clients and your practice
  • the ability to plan, allocate, track, and monitor progress and workflow
  • instant views into performance and immediate access to up-to-date client data
  • powerful data mining and analytical tools

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Enable your firm to work remotely

Karbon is how you run your accountancy practice. It’s work management software designed for accounting firms, bringing all your planning, clients, work and communication together, online, in one place. You can access Karbon from anywhere. So no matter if you are in the office or your entire team is working at home, everyone has full visibility and nothing falls through the cracks. You can see who is working on what, where every job stands, what was last said to a client, and who needs more attention. Timelines of all activity and communication related to a job or client are automatically compiled — including email, documents, and team conversations. And you can build templates for each process to deliver consistent, effective services to every client.

Karbon gives everyone peace of mind. It provides the visibility you need to navigate your firm’s biggest challenges. It enhances your ability to help your clients succeed. And on average, Karbon saves every employee 10 hours each per week. And that’s just the beginning. There’s task automation, client collaboration, KPI tracking, budgeting, timesheets, integrations with your favorite tools, and much more. Karbon is where every member of your firm goes, every day, to prioritise work, plan their day, communicate with colleagues, and access the information they need to make the right decisions for the firm and to get work done. It’s how you run your accountancy practice in 2020 and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Accountants we help you find the time to think

ONKHO is Practice Management 2.0 – the art of delivering a service that clients are willing to pay for and stay for. That means going beyond workflow into the management of client relationships and service. With accountants adopting a service orientation and becoming client rather than work product centric, this is an idea whose time has come. ONKHO is command and control for your accountancy business. It delivers the assurance you need that your clients are getting the service you promised them, that the team is focusing on the right things at the right time and with full transparency on all communication. ONKHO gets you the Insights you need to make better decisions. Ask the questions that matter to you and save them away to help guide you again. You can manage service performance, create your own personal task lists, and even share Insights with the team.

ONKHO Inbox has delivered an 85% reduction in email volume at co-founder Susan’s busy practice. It adds superpowers like snoozing, “send later” and archiving so you can make sure that clients are getting responses on time, ad-hoc requests are never missed and everything including email, SMS and notifications from over 2,500 apps are all organised into conversations that make sense. All ONKHO capabilities work together so you can manage by exception, focusing on where you can add value, rather than everywhere. Ultimately freeing you from stress and worry so you can focus on your personal or business goals. Practice Management 2.0 has landed

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