New technology feature ­- Issue 4

New kids on the block

In each edition of the Digital Accountancy Magazine, we are going to focus on some of these new companies and let you know about some of these new and exciting products and services that have been developed.

In this edition, we have spoken to three companies with some exciting new products which all have huge potential in the accountancy world. These are: Connect 4 and Brisk.

You may not have heard of these companies until now but it is highly anticipated that they will all become common names within our industry over the next 12 to 24 months.

Connect4 is the client centric online meeting platform that differentiates your firm

Personal. Professional. Productive. Connect4's unique philosophy of using Pods to drive internal and external meetings has been designed to be the meeting and productivity platform for remote or partially remote firms. Fast Video conferencing. Organisation meeting templates. Meeting analytics. Branded client centric Pods. Clusters to structure your schedule. Document storage. Portal linking. Action items. Video meeting summaries. Connect4 is built to be the longer term replacement of Zoom for accounting firms. Get in touch, we would love to show you the new platform!

Harnessing data and AI to anticipate risk

Running a business is tough at the moment. Spotting risks and opportunities you aren’t even aware of so you can act quickly and stay one-step-ahead is even harder. At Brisk we are on a mission to empower businesses to be stronger and more resilient – including the advisers and accountants who need to keep an eye on their own business, as well as their clients’. Brisk is a cloud-based platform that automates the monitoring of risks and opportunities - from credit risk to online reputation. Through a unique partnering capability, Brisk can help Accountants and advisers:

• Streamline company checks and AML/KYC monitoring into a single tool

• Perform ‘whole-company’ assessments including cyber risk, reputation and compliance

• Provide proactive alerts to advisers (and their clients) to risks and opportunities they may not be aware of; such as breached email addresses or a supplier that could be unstable

Brisk also provides firms with a brand new proposition for their SME clients: Their own ‘digital assistant’; watching their back and enabling client and adviser to collaborate like never before. With new features being added all the time (including social media monitoring, Open Banking and accounts integration), Brisk are working with forward looking accountants and advisory firms who are keen to embrace new technology and stand-out from the crowd.

How financing as a service can increase your monthly recurring revenue in 30 minutes

Capital is critical to success. With cash flow being cited as the core reason why 82% of businesses fail, very few would argue that traditional models of financing have led to a fundamental trade imbalance.

All the while we are staring down the bleak barrel of economic instability and ongoing uncertainty. Access to growth capital is strained. Traditional banks can no longer afford to take risks. Brexit is coming. And you, the Accountant, holds the keys to restoring that balance.


Through AREX’s frictionless Financing as a Service (FaaS) solution.

Who is AREX?

We offer white labelled capital management products, one of which is invoice financing, so you can remove time-consuming barriers to help clients get paid quicker. With 96.5% of invoices financed, no minimum invoice value and a 24-hour turnaround time to receive the cash – AREX are ready to support Accountants in this brave new world.

Unlike traditional invoice financing, AREX buys the credit risk and seamlessly integrates FaaS solutions into the Accountant’s service offering, enabling them to earn a commission on every invoice processed. AREX is backed by the largest private investors and offers a cheaper form of capital with rates lower than the banks and other traditional financial institutions.

Operating in 5 countries and with £230m+ financed through the platform, we are committed to the Accountant’s corner.

To increase your margin per Client and your professional service scope, book a meeting with us.

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