12th - 16th October

What are the Disrupter Workshops

A series of exciting new workshops designed to help you grow and develop your practice. Every event will be taking place each morning at Digital Accountancy Week. To register for the workshops please click the buttons below.

Monday 12th October talks

App speed dating

9:00-10:00am 7-minute product demos including Fluidly, AccountancyManager, ApprovalMax, Modulr, Xledger, Capitalise, Simpro and VFDPro

5 ways to increase the multiple of your accountancy practice

10:00-10:30am Peter Watson, Bains Watts

Transform your workflows with Elgato Stream Decks

11:00-11:30am Dave Sellick, Sidgrove

How to 3x your profits in one day

11:30-12:00pm Amanda Watts, Oomph Global

How to use Zapier to automate everything!

12:30-1:00PM Rowan Van Tromp, Operations Director at App Advisory Plus

Tuesday 13th October talks

End-to-end accounting with Xero Tax and Hubdoc

09:00-10:00am Jamie Nolan, Xero

5 ways you can use Linkedin to win new clients

10:00-10:30am Rob Oakley

How to identify and unlock tens of thousands of pounds in R&D revenue

10:30-11:00am Neil Woolmer, AdValorem

Wednesday 14th October talks

Digital 100 Alliance virtual breakfast

09:00-10:00am Digital 100 Alliance

Disrupting an entire industry with Tesla

11:00-11:30am Alex Roberts, TESLA and Joe David, Founder, Nephos

Workflow mapping masterclass - save huge amounts of time by understanding your workflows

11:30-12:00pm Emily Phung, Practice Ignition

Thursday 15th October talks

Advanced app advisory: Who to help, when to outsource and how to bill clients

10:30-11:00am John Toon, Manager at Beever & Struthers, and John Horton, Unleashed Software

Let's talk tech stacks

11:15-11:45am Matt Flanagan, Co-Founder, Appacus Community, Daniel Coleman, Cloud Manager, Moore Thompson and Ben Steele, Managing Partner, Steele Financial

Friday 16th October talks

App Speed Dating

09:00-10:00am 7 minute demos from Pixie, Unleashed, FUTRLI, Fathom, Revolut, Natwest Rapid Cash, AREX, Wolters Kluwer and Practice Ignition

How to create beautiful management report packs in minutes

10:00-10:30am Rashaad Noray, Fathom

Introducing, Predict - the only direct and indirect forecasting app in the ecosystem

10:30-11:00am Helen Cockle, FUTRLI

How to create a digital framework centered around people, process and technology

11:30-12:00pm Trent McLaren, Practice Ignition

The top 10 things business owners really want from their accountants

12:00-12:30pm Daniel Plowright, Enquir3 and Mark Walker, VFDPro

Registration for the Digital Accountancy Week is open now and you can book your space below

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