12th - 16th October

The UK’s largest ever virtual technology festival for the accounting profession

With the Digital Accountancy Show rescheduled for June 2021, we wanted to bring the show directly to you. Which is why we’re delighted to introduce the Digital Accountancy Week. The Digital Accountancy Week is a one week technology extravaganza hosting 5 brand new virtual events for 2020 including:

What is the Digital Accountancy Week?

In a first of its kind, the Digital Accountancy Week is set to become the UK’s largest technology festival for the accountancy profession...ever! A whole week’s worth of learning, education, tech updates, virtual tables, networking, pre-arranged 1 to 1 meetings, virtual breakfasts, lunches, software demos and more.

The technology available to you has the power to dramatically change the future of the business landscape like never before, and during the Digital Accountancy Week will help you to explore the incredible potential of this tech and understand how best to implement it in your accounting firm and with your clients.

With sessions taking place in the afternoons from Monday 12th October through to Friday 16th October, you can dip in and out as you please without needing to block out a full day of work, choosing the sessions that are most relevant to your firm and what you’re looking to achieve.

It’s a week of on-demand, forward-thinking learning for you and members of your team.

Some of the talks taking place include

What accountants can learn from the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team

Ian Henderson Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

How to 10X your revenue

Reza Hooda Partner, Walji & Co Accountants & Rezahooda.com

Increase your profits with clear pricing strategies

James Ashford Founder, GoProposal

Finding focus in a crisis

Lisa Miles-Heal COO, Unleashed

Technology trends that are shaping for the future for accountants and their clients

Edward Berk Global EGM, Financial Partnerships, Xero

Data at scale - what accountants can learn from Jaguar Land Rover

Michael Mills Director of Finance & Transformation, Jaguar Land Rover

Understanding your people to deliver effective transformation

Alexandra Bond Burnett Founder, Speaking Ambition

Driving transformation in a global crisis

Tim Wheelhouse Head of Finance Technology, UK Government

Monday 12th October

The Small Firms Festival

The Small Firms Festival is an exciting one day virtual event aimed at one to four partner accounting and bookkeeping firms which specifically addresses the challenges and opportunities for small firm owners.

As a small firm owner, efficiency is everything. Learn which apps can be used in your accounting and bookkeeping workflows to increase your efficiency and help you and your team to work smarter.

We will also look at tips and tricks to win new clients and increase your marketing footprint, strategies to attract the best clients and a chance to network with like minded business owners.

Sponsored by AccountancyManager

Tuesday 13th October

Digital Transformation Forum

The Digital Transformation Forum is an exciting one day virtual conference aimed at accountancy firm owners who wish to digitally transform their accountancy practice. In this one-off event we will be taking a look at change management, people strategies and culture.

The Digital Transformation forum provides a unique opportunity to learn and meet with Digital Transformation experts from other industries such as retail, manufacturing, and more. There will be a chance to network on virtual round tables and see some of the most influential technology changing the game for accountancy firms both large and small.

We will also be looking at ‘digital transformation as a service’ and how to maximise the enormous opportunity of clients moving into the cloud. We will explore how to set up, sell and implement cloud based projects for clients and how to reap the huge rewards.

Sponsored by Xledger

Wednesday 14th October

The Top 100 Tech Summit

The Top 100 Tech Summit is an exciting one day virtual conference aimed specifically at the top 100 firms of accountants in the UK. The summit will explore digital transformation, implementing cloud projects at scale, the future of AI and how data and insights can provide more value and better relationships.

The latest technologies now available to the Top 100 UK accountancy firms have the power to dramatically change the future of the business landscape like never before.

The Top 100 Tech Summit will help the UK’s leading large accountancy firms explore the incredible potential and understand how best to adopt and implement these exciting new technologies which when used correctly will transform profitability, efficiency and better client relationships.

Sponsored by Capitalise & Digital 100 Alliance

Thursday 15th October

The App Advisory Summit

The App Advisory Summit, which is being co-hosted by Matt Flanagan and the team at Appacus, is an exciting one day virtual event aimed at accountants who wish to introduce or grow their technology and app advisory service.

In this unique virtual event we will speak to accountants who are already generating significant revenue from app advisory services. We will take a look at the core set of apps every firm needs to know.

This one day event will give you the tools you need to set up, commercialise and implement an app advisory strategy within your firm.

Sponsored Modulr & Simpro

Friday 16th October

Advisory Live

Advisory Live is an exciting new virtual event aimed at accounting firm owners who want to grow and introduce new revenue into the practice by way of advisory and business support services to clients.

Are you confused about what advisory really is? At Advisory Live we’ll be showcasing some of the leading voices and thought-leaders that are successfully implementing advisory at scale.

We will take a look at the latest technology, how to identify the right clients, setting up and marketing advisory services and ultimately how to deliver and commercialise business support to your clients.

Sponsored by Fluidly

Registration for the Digital Accountancy Week is open now and you can book your space below

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