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World Account

WorldFirst’s World Account provides businesses selling online or trading online with a unique solution. Free to open with no monthly costs attached, the World Account is the simple way to collect, convert and make payments locally, online, around the world. Designed with SMEs and online sellers in mind, World Account enables you to receive international funds and make same-currency and cross-currency payments faster and easier, giving you more control than ever before.

Many payment gateways can deposit payments into these accounts in the same currency in which the payment was taken, providing a significant saving in terms of cross-currency costs for the retailer.

Furthermore, the World Account has its own seamless Xero integration, significantly reducing manual data entry and time spent on account reconciliation.

World Account really is your easy alternative to a bank account abroad.

Protecting yourself against movement in exchange rates

There are many situations when businesses with clients or suppliers abroad may be keen to minimise their exposure to movements in the exchange rate. Whether you or your client are looking to protect your profit margins, or mitigate exposure from an individual contract, WorldFirst helps your SMEs manage their risk. WorldFirst allows SMEs to forward buy currency, locking in an exchange rate at a given point in the future. Different options are available, and our dedicated team of relationship managers will be able to work through solutions to satisfy your risk profile.

A trusted partner

Navigating Covid-19 and Brexit as a UK SME will be a challenge to contend with, but WorldFirst understands the level of support and expertise an accountant can bring to small businesses during a time like this - especially with UK businesses facing new legislative changes at the end of the Brexit transition.

That’s why WorldFirst partners with accountants to help their clients save time and money, whilst helping them prepare for the potential risks associated with trading internationally. With many years’ experience working with SMEs who are selling internationally on global marketplaces, WorldFirst has the knowledge and expertise to help accountants, bookkeepers and their clients thrive in the global marketplace.

Whether it’s saving SMEs time and money when paying international suppliers via our transparent pricing structure or working to provide bespoke hedging solutions to protect a client’s profit margins, at WorldFirst we always put our customer’s best interests first.

Combining technology with fantastic personal service, we work with our clients to find the most suitable solutions to streamline their payment flows and business processes.

For more information on how your accountancy or bookkeeping practice can benefit from partnering with WorldFirst, or how we can help your business, contact the Accounting partnerships team on +44 (0)207 095 0741 or email Simon Smallwood (Senior Business Development Manager, Partnerships) on

Top tip

With travel restricted and many high street and neo-banks seeing unprecedented levels of demand for Covid support, many banks have suspended taking on new SME clients or slowed down the sign-up process considerably. Despite this, coronavirus has presented many businesses with opportunities that have led them to look at expanding into new overseas markets.

The challenge

Opening a business bank account for a new subsidiary in a new jurisdiction can be complicated, expensive and time consuming.

The Solution

WorldFirst’s World Account allows the creation of new currency accounts online, on request, and for free, allowing quick launch into new countries. Accounts are available in 10 currencies and there is no need for local banking relationships.

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Expanding to China through cross border e-commerce

For businesses looking to sell internationally, China poses an increasingly compelling growth opportunity. China is the world’s largest e-commerce market (accounting for over 50% of transactions globally) and this year it is set to overtake the US as the world’s largest retail market with $ 5.07 trillion in projected retail sales (eMarketer, May 2020). With China’s growing middle class of more than 400 million people, and digitalisation making it easier to export to China, now is the perfect time to build your understanding of this fast-moving consumer market. If you have SME clients who are currently selling B2C, considering selling B2C in the future or looking to expand their global client base in China, then join WorldFirst on Wednesday 9th December for a free webinar on the opportunities and things to consider when selling directly to consumers in China. Find out more.

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