Issue five

Welcome to issue five of Digital Accountancy Magazine

Editor’s Introduction

It is amazing to think that this time last year, no issues of the magazine had been published and here we are on Issue 5 already! Thank you all for the wonderful feedback we have had this year and to all our sponsors. We look forward to publishing more issues in 2021!

The last year has been one no one could have predicted and technology has had a huge role to play in how we work and how businesses operates. The importance and acceptance of technology has dramatically changed with many more individuals using new software now. As a result, the role of technology in finance has increased and this will continue in the future and in this issue, we examine how to set your cloud adoption and app advisory targets for 2021. Since Issue 4, the Digital Accountancy Week took place! It was an action-packed week with some great speakers and it was a great success! In this issue, we recap on four of the highlights of the week. Look out for some more online events in 2021 as well as the Digital Accountancy Show which has been rescheduled to June 2021.

One of the highlights of the Digital Accountancy Week was the announcement of the winners of the Digital Accountancy awards! In this issue, we are delighted let you know who they both are and we will have interviews with them in the magazine next year!

In our “Firms in the Spotlight” feature we met with two other great accountants and found out some more about the accountancy firms they have built. We met with Naveed Mughal from Accurox and we learnt how he has grown his business with his team located overseas and how he structures his operations.

We also met with Nicola Hageman of Nicola Hageman Accountancy Limited and discussed her recent acquisition of another accountancy firm and how she has integrated it into her business. I really hope you enjoy this issue! The next issue will be out in Spring 2021 and, in the meantime, I want to wish you a Happy Christmas and a successful and healthy New Year.

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