Book & podcast reviews

Podcast reviews by Joe David

Joe David is the Founder and Managing Director of Nephos, a firm of business advisors and accountants in Cheltenham. Joe empowers growth for highly driven entrepreneurs through better understanding & interpretation of their financial data.


Andy Frisella – Real AF

Andy is an entrepreneur in the US and this podcast is the second in his catalogue after the MFCEO Project.

The show has a mix of short personal development type ‘real talk’ episodes and longer discussion-based episodes where the team discusses current issues and world affairs. The podcast offers a “no holds barred” approach to life and business and I find this refreshing to hear! Some of his real talk episodes have had a direct impact on how I operate on a daily basis. If you are easily offended then this is not for you!


Gary Vaynerchuck – The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary is a highly successful marketing entrepreneur in the US and in his podcast, he offers business and marketing advice to up and coming entrepreneurs.

He speaks from the heart and provides practical advice for business owners. His hustle and hard work mentality fits perfectly with my approach to life and business so I can relate to it.

He can divide opinion with his content but I have received huge value from his podcasts and would highly recommend them for any business owner looking to gain a more broad understanding of business and marketing.


11:FS – Fintech Insider

A more industry-specific podcast here but a very interesting one for any of those tech geeks like me!

The guys at 11:FS bring chat to incredible guests from all the top fintech firms around the world and offer a great perspective on how the fintech world is moving forward!

If you want to keep up to date with fintech world then this is the place for you!

Book Recommendations from Reza Hooda

Reza Hooda is a chartered accountant and tax advisor and Managing Partner of Walji & Co chartered accountants based in Hampshire. He loves to help entrepreneurs to build successful and enjoyable companies and structure their affairs in the most tax efficient manner. He also runs a business coaching and mentoring other accountancy firm owners to build more successful and profitable accounting firms.

Leaders Eat Last ­- Simon Sinek

I’ve been a fan of Simon Sinek for a while - not so much his ‘Start with Why’ stuff but more about his work on how to lead people to create truly high performing teams.

This book opened my eyes to the concept of the infinite game of business (a title of another book of his) and really hit home as to what it means to be a leader.

He talks about what really gets people to follow a leader and how leaders are not necessarily born but can be made. Leadership being a skill that can be learned and honed like any other. His insights into how the human condition and how the brain operates help us to understand people better, what it takes to earn trust and get people to put their hand up and say ‘I want to go where you are heading’.

If you’re looking for a way to create an awesome workplace culture then I’d highly recommend you read this.

Drive - Dan Pink

Given that recruitment and retention of people is such a huge challenge for accounting firm owners, or any business for that matter, I found this book by Dan Pink a real eye-opener into what really motivates people.

Funnily enough, it’s not money!

Following Dan’s research and countless studies, he presents the case that people are motivated by three things:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery and
  • Purpose

Autonomy to work independently (with support) rather than being micro-managed.

Mastery - doing something that they are getting better at, improving their skill sets, working in their zone of genius!

Purpose - working towards something that is bigger than them. A higher purpose that they can see and believe in.

Reading this book was the start of my journey to really knuckle down and change the way we did things and led to us implementing a Results Only Work Environment in our firm - where our people can work when, where and how they want as long as the work gets done (with unlimited holidays too!)

Atomic Habits - James Clear

Everything we do in life is a result of the action we take. We cannot decide on our future but we can decide on our habits - which will decide our future.

This book by James Clear goes through how to create good habits and stop doing bad habits.

He breaks down the anatomy of a habit and gives practical advice on how to develop good habits to do the things we want to do - the things that are going to give us the success we want and also break bad habits - to stop doing those things that are preventing us from getting the results that we want.

Fundamentally, the message that hit home was to focus on the PROCESS rather than the goal or result. Because focusing on the process day in day out will get us the results we desire. Success comes from the 1% improvements and action we take daily which compound over time to deliver the results we want.

If you’re frustrated about your lack of focus, procrastination, inability to focus on the things that you know will move the needle in your business and life then you need to read this book!