4 highlights from Digital Accountancy Week

Digital Accountancy Week was a huge week of workshops, lightning talks, panels and 5 virtual summits! Below we have selected 4 incredible talks you won’t want to miss. To see any of the talks or discussions from Digital Accountancy Week, you can watch on demand at digitalaccountacnyweek.com

Reza Hooda, Partner, Walji & Co

The opportunity is now - How to 10X your revenue

In this 20 minute lightning talk Reza Hooda gives us an insight into the huge opportunities for accountants right now. In this session you will learn:

  • The big opportunity facing accountants right now that can 10X your revenue
  • How Reza grew his practice from £250k to £900k in fees with 7 employees
  • How to present this opportunity to your clients
  • How to communicate the value
  • How to deliver the service

Jonathan MacDonald, Author of Powered by Change

The magic of unlocking opportunities in times of change

In this session transformation expert and author of Powered by Change Jonathan MacDonald runs through how with the right mindset, you can unlock huge amounts of opportunity in times of change. In this session you will learn:

  • How to embrace change and unlock opportunities
  • How to prepare your mindset for change and success
  • How to understand and train your thoughts to be empowered by change
  • The 7 mindsets needed to create the most powerful business models

Alastair Barlow, Flinder & Michael Mills, Jaguar Land Rover

Transformation at scale - what accountants can learn from Jaguar Land Rover

In this session Alastair Barlow from Flinder talks to Finance and Transformation Director from Jaguar Land Rover Michael Mills about how data and transformation has impacted JLR on a global basis.

In this session you will learn:

  • How Jaguar Land Rover use data and analytics to improve efficiency, margins and revenue
  • How to get started with data and analytics
  • Tangible examples of where data and analytics can shift behaviours, grow revenue and increase margins
  • A better understanding of softer skills to get the most from data and analytics for your accountancy practice

Joe David & Dave Sellick

How we deliver advisory and the tools we use

In this session Joe David from Nephos and Dave Sellick from Sidgrove talk about how they deliver advisory services to their clients and they take us into the software they use in practice. In this session you will learn:

  • How Joe and Dave deliver advisory to their clients
  • The software they use to deliver the value and service
  • The core apps to delivering powerful advisory services
  • An introduction to elgato stream decks and the impact they can have on your workflows
  • Introduction to Fathom, Clarity, Loom.com, datadear and Xero reports
  • Excel like you have never seen it before

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