Introducing the Power Hour

A unique & exciting virtual learning opportunity for forward thinking accountants

…….The COVID 19 fightback - enjoy four interactive lightning talks, in just one hour, to help your practice and clients thrive as we move out of lockdown

Do you want to learn more about the latest thought-leadership, insights and tech know-how to help you and your clients thrive as we move out of lockdown?

We know how busy you are right now, but we also understand that the appetite to learn is more than ever which is why we’ve created the Digital Accountancy Power Hour.

So what is the Power Hour?

The Power Hour is your dedicated 60-minute learning opportunity. In just one hour, you’ll experience 4 lightning-talks from apps and accountants, sharing the latest thought-leadership, insights and tech know-how to help you thrive as a business over the coming months. This is not a webinar or a product demo. It’s an opportunity to learn from leading apps and accountants in an intensive & exciting virtual environment.

How does it work?

The Power Hour will be split into 4 roundtable sessions, each with it’s own app and accountant. Every 15 minutes, you’ll be rotated in equal groups from one table to another, meaning you can listen to all 4 lightning-talks within the Power Hour. To keep each of the roundtables highly engaging, overall attendee numbers for the hour will be limited.

Which apps and accountants are involved?

For every Power Hour, we’ll choose 4 different apps and 4 different accountants to be involved. Each talk will focus on new thought leadership ideas to help you flourish and grow as we move into a more normal existence and business environment. For the first Power Hour taking place on the 23rd June at 12pm, the apps involved are NetDocuments, Modulr, Float and Soldo. The four lightning talks will focus on the following areas….

1. How to help your clients plan beyond COVID-19 2. The future of work 3. Supercharging profits and efficiencies with payment services 4. Controlling cost and optimising cash flow post COVID-19

How do I register?

Registration for the first Power Hour is open now and you can save your space here. Taking place on Tuesday 23rd June, the hour will run from 12pm - 1pm.

Please note, in order to keep each of the tables engaged, there is an overall limit on the amount of registrations for the hour. Once this limit has been reached, you’ll no longer be able to register. We also ask that you only register if you can attend to free up space for others.

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