Issue three

Welcome to issue three of the Digital Accountancy Magazine

Intro from the Editor

Hi and welcome to issue 3 of the Digital Accountancy Magazine. I never could have imagined the events that have taken place around the world since we published issue 2. At that time, the impact of COVID-19 had not hit the UK and sadly the impact it has had on both the UK and the world as a whole has been devastating. I do sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are all safe and well and that you have not suffered as a consequence of the pandemic.

One thing is clear, in order to survive over recent months, your business had to have the technology in place to allow you to run it from wherever you were located. With the country in lockdown, it was no longer possible to venture to the office and it was not possible to send your children to school. We were faced with working from home and we had to be able to function remotely. Those of us with cloud based solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Xero found this transition much easier than those who were unfamiliar with these applications. However, many of us adapted and implemented what we needed to allow us to function. Sadly not all firms were able to adapt and some had to close during the lockdown, unable to serve their clients.

As we begin to come out of lockdown, we are entering a very different world to the one we left just a few months ago. COVID-19 has changed the way we work permanently and having been forced to adopt different digital ways of working one certainty however, is that there is no going back. The phrase “necessity is the mother of all ambition” has never been more true and the use and need for technology will continue, and will be more important than ever. Now is the time to embrace these changes to grow and succeed in the future.

In this issue we look at 10 top tips to help your business thrive post COVID-19. We also look at how to make your practice more efficient through the automation of manual tasks and we take a detailed look at an automated onboarding process which was created by Jonathan Bareham from the London based practice Raeden.

We also have some fascinating interviews with a number of leading digital professionals, including BDO’s Ian Bowden focusing on tax technology and, in our “Firms in the Spotlight” feature, Lauren Harvey of Full Stop in Cardiff and Dan Ryder of LevelHQ in Bolton.

We also have some new features in this issue! We have some great tips which we hope you will find useful in your practice. We have a top Excel tip, a Zap of the month for you to try and some great marketing tips all shared by experts to help you and your business..

Finally, I have some very exciting news we are launching the Digital Accountancy Awards to celebrate accountants who are successfully using digital technology in their firm and with their clients. The winners will be announced in issue 4 so please go to page 9 for details of how to enter.

I hope you enjoy issue 3, and please do let me have your feedback as we want to ensure that we give you the very best digital accountancy magazine that we can with content that you love to read.

I do hope that when we publish issue 4, the world has returned to a much more familiar world to the one we had before and that the peak of COVID-19 is well behind us. Please stay safe and well and enjoy issue 3!

Best wishes!

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