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Cash flow technology has never been more essential to the modern day accountancy practice. Below we take a look at some of the most popular apps to help clients manage the cash in their business.

Intelligent Cash Flow Management Software

At Fluidly we’re defining the new category of Intelligent Cashflow, by helping business owners sleep better at night. Our tools make planning effortless, allow businesses to get cash in the bank and provide confidence in their future.

Forecasting the traditional way can take hours of manual work. With Fluidly, which syncs with your clients’ Xero or QuickBooks, you can generate a cashflow forecast in minutes.

All without a spreadsheet in sight. Ultimately, Fluidly makes it easy to provide cashflow support to your entire client base at once.

With cashflow planning more important now than ever, we’ve recently made some important changes to Fluidly. Our new feature, Goal Planner, is designed to help you answer ‘what if….?’ questions like:

– What if my biggest customers can’t pay me anymore?

– What if I took out a government-backed loan?

– What if I cut costs by renegotiating my lease?

We match businesses with the UK’s leading lenders too, including CBILS-accredited providers. You can get a quote in 30 seconds, with no impact on your credit score.

Cash flow forecasting and scenario planning

Float is a fast, reliable cash flow forecasting and scenario planning tool that gives you a clear view of your clients’ future cash and the impact of different ‘what-if’ scenarios, up to three years ahead. Easily show your clients what the future of their cash could look like, and help them make informed decisions for their business.

Float integrates with Xero, QuickBooks Online and FreeAgent to automatically update your forecasts with actuals every day, importing all accounts, transactions, invoices and bills, giving your clients the detailed view of cash that they need.

Build scenarios to help clients understand the impact of their future plans, compare budgets vs actuals, and update bills and invoices to when they will likely be paid. Export the forecast to share with stakeholders or loan providers.

In these tough times, use Float to help clients understand the impact of Coronavirus on their cash. Simply update upcoming invoices and bills to reflect the COVID-19 situation, and create scenarios for things like furloughing staff, delayed VAT repayments, or receiving government or loan funding.

Predict the future. It’s that simple.

Predict isn’t traditional forecasting or cash flow only forecasting. It’s prediction software.

Cash and having enough of it is just one area that will take a business owner’s focus. But a business is also about sales, and spend, and people, and tax, and profit, and customers, and suppliers, and marketing, and ROI, and funding, and products, and services, and every one of those things has a dependency on others.

Predict understands these dependencies, and is accurate in its calculations, so that you can trust it and your clients can make the right choices. And just like having a team of CFOs running the algorithms every day it’ll show them which direction to take, with no effort, on your part.

All-in-one cash management

Satago is all-in-one cash management software for accountants and small businesses. Our suite of tools helps you better manage your debtor book to minimise the risk of late payments, cover cashflow gaps, and reduce the impact this volatile time has on your cashflow.

Quickly identify risk Gain credit insight on who you are considering working with, to empower and inform your trading decisions. Get notified when an existing customer's risk position changes and

access powerful reports that show you the risk profile of your customers, so you can identify those most likely to cause bad debt and adjust accordingly.

Automate credit control tasks Automated credit control management means faster payments and time saved. Customise invoice chasers and statements for each customer, for an automated yet personalised experience.

Get flexible funding Cover cash gaps at short notice with single invoice finance. Fund multiple owed invoices or just one, with optional bad debt protection, fast approval times and no contract lock-in.

Three months free To do what we can to help accountants and businesses, we’re offering three months’ free platform access with no obligation. Visit Satago and use the code 3freeACCT-4 at checkout (or pass on 3freeSME- 4 to your clients).

Giving back financial control to SMEs

We're on a mission to give back financial control to SMEs. While financial management is essential to business success, it can distract you from you doing what you love. The Muse app provides you with cash management tools and access to funding, allowing you to regain financial control and focus on the reasons you went into business in the first place.

Following 15 years of working in Wall Street, Muse was founded by Ann Juliano in 2018 after feeling the frustrations of setting up her own business. Ann quickly realised that she spent a lot of her time on financial management rather than growing her new business. Recognising how technology could be used to transform the way SMEs manage their finances and access funding, Ann created Muse: a mobile app that supports the many business owners who want to take back financial control.

Muse provides SMEs with smart finance management tools and access to affordable, speedy finance - all in one app. Our technology connects into your business’s cloud accounting software to provide free 30-day cash flow forecasts as well as a single view of all of your business bank accounts. You can also get access to alternative finance solutions directly within the Muse app.

Muse participated in the 2020 cohort of Barclays’ Fintech Accelerator, powered by Techstars.

Managing cash flow

To borrow a handy phrase from Tesco, when it comes to cash flow, ‘every little helps’. In the current situation businesses need advice on where cash has gone, where it is generated, and where it can be saved. And like the theory of marginal gains, even small savings across the business can add up to a significant sum, buying you and your clients time to plan what to do next.

Of course, the hard part is identifying where potential savings and efficiencies can be found. This is where Fathom comes in. Fathom integrates with Xero, and lets you track business performance at a glance. It gives you comprehensive financial intelligence you can act on, with performance reporting, dashboards and consolidations. The cash flow analysis lets you really drill down into your financials to find quick wins. Maybe your client is paying suppliers too early, perhaps there are fees and subscriptions they can cut back on, or maybe a modest increase in prices could help? Fathom takes the guesswork out of these questions and gives you powerful insights you can turn into actions for your clients.

To find out more about how Fathom can better help you manage your clients’ cash flow, download our free ‘Business Unusual’ ebook and take out a 14 day free trial here.

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