Transforming your practice with MyWorkpapers is easier than you think

MyWorkpapers harnesses cloud technology to transform and streamline the way accountancy practices work.

Sign-up your practice to MyWorkpapers by 30 April 2020 and pay just £1 per client per month for two years* AND enjoy 40% off online training.

For many of our clients, this unique cloud-based platform provides a single home for all of your practice’s work, including best practice workpapers and client engagement files, replacing the need for Excel spreadsheets.

Unlike other services, MyWorkpapers is not limited to audit and, in addition to all types of audit, can be used for any engagement, for any period, whether monthly, quarterly or year-end.

We have specialised workpaper packs for every engagement, complete with checklists, workflows, tasks and a library of Excel documents integrated in our platform with Office Online.

Why move to MyWorkpapers?

MyWorkpapers is the tool you need to transform all aspects of your practice in order to streamline work and, ultimately, improve profitability.

Time Saving – A complete solution with a host of clever features to ensure you save time on your year-end client work. On average, our clients save up to two hours per client job.

Compliance Assured – Templates are kept up to date constantly, and our methodology ensures the file is referenced, annotated and complete.

Practice Manager – MyWorkpapers puts you in control of your team, clients and file completion.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device – A complete, scalable cloud solution that is multi-user, multi-device, and real-time. Flexibility – Customisable templates and workflows designed to work the way you want to work.

Security and Data Recovery UK-based tier-one hosting that is instantaneously backed up.

Client portal & Review points – Easily communicate with external clients to exchange documents and raise queries through the MyWorkpapers client portal. Internal review process is also a streamlined process, with the ability to raise and resolve review points.

Integrations – Seamlessly import or export data through our integration partners or work directly in Office 365 to update your supporting documents.

Moving to MyWorkpapers could not be easier

Moving your practice to MyWorkpapers is surprisingly hassle-free, with our implementation team working with you to ensure you reap the benefits as soon as possible.

Your dedicated Client Engagement Manager will work through the process with you from implementation planning through to launch and beyond:

User Set-Up – Each user will have pre-defined permissions and functionality. These can be our standard roles or customised to suit your firm. We will set up your users, roles and permissions for you, meaning that when your staff are ready to use MyWorkpapers, MyWorkpapers will be ready for them.

Client Upload – MyWorkpapers will complete a full client upload so that your data is all set up and ready for you to add your first files.

Template Customisation – If you are not looking to use one of our standard templates, you may be looking to customise, or completely build your own methodology from scratch. We will work with you to ensure your content is exactly as you want it, and then create these templates within MyWorkpapers for you.

Training – We will provide you with a bespoke in-person training programme.

Case study – Wagstaffs

Wagstaffs is an independent chartered accountancy practice founded in 1948. Based in Stevenage, it serves clients both locally and internationally with an aim to be the largest and best resourced in the area.

Like many practices, Wagstaffs was reliant on traditional pen and paper and basic software applications such as spreadsheets. Whilst these processes were reliable and had served the practice well, they also had serious drawbacks as Principal Associate at Wagstaffs, Stuart Cuzner explains:

“The traditional approaches to accounting and auditing whilst familiar had a few limitations. For example, by using a manual system we had no consistency in our process, and no rigid formula that was adopted by everyone. As a result we believed there had to be a better method of processing audits.”

Wagstaffs decided to review its accounting and auditing processes, before selecting MyWorkpapers’s cloud-based solution.

MyWorkpapers has now been in place for more than three years and, Stuart says, it has been a resounding success. “Deploying MyWorkpapers was definitely the best decision for moving the practice forward. The product is easy to understand for non-technical people and has revolutionised our accounting and audit processes.

“We no longer have any paper-based files. Instead, we have a consistent, rigid, professional structure that we can present to our clients in a modern, efficient way showing them only what is relevant without wading through pages of unnecessary material.”

You could enjoy all the benefits of MyWorkpapers sooner than you think. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your practice.

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Sign-up your practice to MyWorkpapers by 30 April 2020 and pay just £1 per client per month for two years* AND enjoy 40% off online training.

*first 100 non-audit clients only. Private online training is subject to availability, and supplements recorded self-learning and LMS.


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