Is your practice running like a well-oiled machine?

James Byrne CEO of Accountancy Manager

If you’re heading to The Digital Accountancy Show, you’ll probably have more exciting things on your mind than admin. You’re probably more focussed on seeing the best talks, discovering new ways to grow your practice, networking and staying ahead of the curve.

However, as you no doubt drill into your clients: organisation, time management and setting up the best, most compliant practices from the word go, are the crucial foundations to any successful business. Your 'word go' may have been 2, 10 or 20 years ago. Nevertheless, the way your team plans their time, collaborates and communicates - with each other and clients - still dictates the overall performance of your practice. How you work on a minute-to-minute basis impacts everything from your client relationships to your profits and ultimately, your future success. It's about making each of those minutes count towards your values and business objectives, and not spending them chasing clients, tracking the progress of jobs, entering data and onboarding new clients. Basically, admin. So what does the future success of your practice look like for you? And what hurdles currently stand in your way? Although we talk a lot about admin and automation at AccountancyManager, it’s these questions that interest us the most. When you pass our stand, come and have a chat about using your 'business as usual' to propel you towards your goals.

Take every day off from admin

AccountancyManager automates your onboarding process, client chasing and internal time management. With these time-consuming jobs off your plate, you’re free to focus on the bigger picture.

Everywhere you look at The Digital Accountancy Show will be promises of time-saving and cost-saving. And we’re no different. But the benefits of an automated practice management system - for you, your practice and your clients - extend far beyond simple time and cost-saving. In case we don't see you at the show, here's just one way 'automating your admin' propels your practice...

LoEs - are you onboarding to the letter?

If you're an ACCA member, you'll know that sending letters of engagement to new clients is mandatory. Even if you're not subject to this rule, LoEs form the basis of the contractual relationship between you and your clients. We’ve met many accountants that admit to not sending LoEs when they welcome new clients. Startling perhaps, but not surprising. The process of onboarding is lengthy and labour-intensive. All digital ‘solutions’ come from pain points, making something frustrating and time-consuming easier - or eradicating it entirely. For James, accountant and co-founder of AccountancyManager, onboarding clients was a significant pain point in running his practice. By applying the efficiencies offered by apps used to run every other part of their lives, James and Alex (software developer and AM co-founder), have solved the inefficiencies that every accountancy practice suffers. Starting with onboarding for example, with AccountancyManager you can:

  • Fill in new clients’ details directly from Companies House - including their accounting deadlines. No need for data entry, plus increased accuracy and consistency.
  • Select the specific services you’re providing to the client in AccountancyManager and AM will automatically compile the correct associated policies, terms and obligations and send them to your client.
  • Leave all your client-chasing to AccountancyManager: Your personally pre-written emails/texts will be sent at your pre-set times until you get what you need - whether it’s information, documents or signatures.
  • Give your clients a secure, shared place to store and quickly access their documents. This doubles up as your own internal filing system, as you can save documents in your client's folder and make them private or accessible.
  • Keep track of the tasks completed and remaining throughout the onboarding process. And easily pick up work from team members if they’re absent.
  • Complete your AML process and risk assessments within AccountancyManager.

Combine the automated requests and reminders (chasing) element of AM with those Companies House dates and you get the true power of AccountancyManager... When tax return and payment deadlines are approaching, AccountancyManager will remind your clients to take action by email. If there’s a task for you to complete for a client, AccountancyManager will add it to your task list. This makes time management, prioritising work and juggling deadlines simple - it’s all done for you. The requests and reminders for clients come from you, so clients can reply back with any queries. All incoming and outgoing contact with clients is tracked and saved on their timelines within AM, providing a central communication hub between your team and your clients. They’ll appreciate the increased engagement with you, never miss another deadline, and would be crazy to switch accountants.

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