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Book review and podcast recommendations

Popular Podcasts for the Tech Loving Accountant


No Accounting for Taste Podcasts

Every fortnight the AccountingWEB team provide us with their views on the latest accounting and finance news. It is useful update on the latest news which has a direct bearing on the world of accountancy and includes some good information on new developments in the profession.


Diary of a CEO

Steven Bartlett provides listeners with insights into the life of an entrepreneur and also chats to guests on a range of topics. At 27 years old Steven is the CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies. These are really insightful podcasts and very honest insight from Steven. You also get to hear the views of other CEO’s and their tips on business growth and success.


Dan Murray - Secret Leaders

Founded by Dan Murray and Rich Martell, Secret Leaders is a series of fascinating interviews with high-flying CEOs and forward-thinking founders of some of the most successful businesses in the UK and the US. It is a collection of contrasting, irreverent interviews with CEOs and forward-thinking founders, including Martha Lane Fox (Lastminute.com), Anne Boden (Starling Bank), Jed McCaleb (Ripple, Mt)

Book Recommendations from Karl Roberts

Karl Roberts is one of the two partners at GMR Accountants Limited - a firm of accountants based in Merseyside. He is passionate about helping small to medium sized business owners create a more profitable and enjoyable business to run.

He is also author of the book "The Profit Compass" which he has written to help business owners with business improvement and profit growth. We asked Karl for three of his favourite books he would recommend to fellow accountants - we hope you enjoy them!


Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

The principal behind this book is to change the way that business owners think about their profit and cashflow. The book flips the traditional accounting model on its head. The traditional method being Sales – Expenses = Profit Mike reverses the equation so that as a business we start to put ‘profit first’. Sales – Profit = Expenses This causes us to prioritise profit as opposed to living on the leftovers. Mike uses various bank accounts as a system to help us understand how profit is distributed, by allocating percentage amounts of sales to each of your bank accounts. The idea being to get as high a percentage as possible into your profit account. The booked is packed with great ideas to help you focus on getting more profit, not sales.


Traction - Gino Wickman

This great book aims to get everyone in the business focused on the same goal. For any business owner this book will help you to get your business under control and create a plan for growth. The book shows you how to create a simple two-page business plan that highlights all the important targets in your business, along with the obstacles and challenges preventing you from achieving them. This two-page business plan acts as your guide to creating the business the you want, and a business that you are in control of, rather than a business that has control over you.


Key Person of Influence - Daniel Priestley

This book teaches you how to become an ‘influencer’ in your field. Those that are best known in their industries are usually the ones that can demand the highest prices for their services. Daniel gives us five practical strategies to help us stand out from the rest in our industry. I’ve read a few of Daniels’ books now but this one always stands out for me. His style is easy to read and this book really motivates you.

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Capium overview

Simplify your tech headache, streamline your Practice, understand how Capium can arm you to succeed in 2020. Capium is a multi-award-winning Cloud Practice Software designed to increase the Accountant's productivity at a time where digital taxation regulations are squeezing profits, culminating in up to 4 times the workload. Through the Capium platform Accountants in Practice can access data from any device anywhere in the world affording them complete flexibility and accountability. In this session you’ll learn 3 quick steps to conduct your own tech audit and get a quick download of elements of the Capium ecosystem. Save yourself time by learning what areas of Capium could work for your Practice – register here to attend.


Essential apps for your digital accountancy practice - Fluidly, ApprovalMax, Re-Leased & MyWorkpapers

In this episode of Essential apps, we take a look at Fluidly, ApprovalMax, Re-Leased and MyWorkpapers.


Why Funding? How it can benefit firms and their clients

With more than 15,000 bank branches and counting closing over the last decade, the accountant is more essential than ever! In fact you are the last financially literate, qualified advisors left, that truly understand the SME’s business. Capitalise partners with Accountants across the UK to empower their businesses to offer access to finance to their SME clients. As well as offering a potential new revenue stream, offering finance opens the doors to forecasting, management reporting, invoice management and more, becoming the cornerstone in your advisory offering. For your clients, partnering with an accountant means they could be 4x more likely to get the funding they need. Key take aways: *How conversations around funding can build deeper relationships with your clients. *How assisting with funding can be the first step to truly advising your clients. *The return of the banks but not to the highstreet and what this means for YOUR clients. *How at least 10-15% of your clients will look to take out new finance or refinance existing lending each year. *How SME’s natural behaviours restrict their ability to get the best rates from the best lenders. *Making the same New Year’s resolution ‘forward planning’ worth your while and your clients! *Find out why over 1,500 firms have partnered with Capitalise across the UK.