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The Digital Accountancy Show is taking place at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on 26 March 2020 and will showcase some of the leading accounting apps and industry experts

In July last year, The Digital Accountancy Show launched as nothing more than an exciting new idea. Roll forward and 6 months later, the show has surpassed 2,000 registrations and is on track to be the UK’s largest independent technology conference exclusively for accountants in practice.

Taking place on the 26th March 2020 at the new, high-tech Tottenham Hotspur football stadium, the show will showcase 46 of the world’s leading accounting apps, including Xero, Xavier, Fathom, Capium and Soldo in their aptly named, App Village. There will also be a significant focus on knowledge and learning at the show, with enlightening talks delivered by industry leaders and pacesetters.

The shows Co-Founder, Dan Cockerton, said: “the reason we started the Digital Accountancy Show is to help accountants understand and implement technology more effectively in their firms. We noticed a gap in the events calendar where other

shows might only touch on technology but it was never a core focus. For us, it’s all about the technology and how firms can use this to improve their business and also to provide their clients’ with high quality services .”

As well as showcasing some of the most exciting new technology for accountancy firms, the show itself is innovating and ground breaking through the creation of a number of features not seen at other shows. Some of these features include -

The Pitch-Off Stage

Here you can listen to one of the 46 app partners deliver their 7-minute pitch to give you a high-level overview of their product and its applications.

Tech Huddles

Gain insights, share knowledge and network with industry peers in one of our tech huddles. Overcome challenges, discover new strategies and share experiences to grow together.

Partner Pods

Maybe you would prefer some time with one of the exhibitors? Here you can book some time to view an exhibitor’s product in a bit more detail at one of ten partner pods.

‘Matchmaker’ App
The show has its own app called 'Matchmaker'. This app is powered by machine learning and will ask delegates questions around their current practice set up and working processes. It then will use this information to make recommendations for other delegates to meet, for presentations to attend and for exhibitors to visit.

App Advisory Hub
Delivered by Matt Flanagan and other members of the Appacus Community, this is where firms can learn how to implement and monetise their app offering to clients.

Dan Cockerton added. “The technology and apps available to UK accountants has the power to dramatically change the future of the accounting landscape like never before. There is so much potential for both practice owners and their clients to enjoy the benefits that this technology can bring to their businesses”.

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Meet the Digital Accountancy Show Advisory Board

Katherine Robertson

Mark Telford

Alastair Barlow

Francesca Tricarico

Darren Jasper

Caroline Harridence

Nicola Sorrell

Kieran Phelan

Ryan Pearcy

Andy Turpin

Katy Preistley

Richard Suswain