Cash is the lifeblood of any business - 8 apps to help your clients survive & thrive

Cashflow management is key for any business. Here we look at some of the apps available to help us automate and manage this service for our clients.


From chasing invoices to taking out a loan, Fluidly helps small businesses and their advisers look after every aspect of cashflow in one place. Its tools make it easy for accountants to keep clients happy, launch new services and grow their practice.

Fluidly works with over 800 accounting firms, along with tens of thousands of their small business clients. In 2020, it was the only accounting software provider to win Xero’s ‘Practice App of the Year’, Accounting Excellence’s ‘Software Innovation of the Year’ and the ICB’s ‘Cashflow Forecasting Software of the Year’.

Fluidly automates the complex, time-consuming tasks of cashflow forecasting. Its tools take minutes to build a forecast for each client, so you can get on with providing advice and helping more businesses.

Fluidly membership equips accountants with the tools to support their clients, along with resources to promote and market every type of cashflow service. That means access to four cashflow tools – Forecast, Plan, Fund and Chase – and the support to get new services off the ground.

Right now, as a special promotion to help accountants support clients as they reopen, you can get free access to Fluidly for 12 months.


Satago for accountants and bookkeepers — support your clients, grow your practice.

Chasing invoices and customer payments is a time-burden your clients could do without. Especially in the current climate. With Satago, you can automate client credit control, provide risk insight and offer flexible funding in a single platform.

Satago provides everything you need to help your clients thrive. As a practice partner, you can offer all your clients a Satago license free of charge. Automate their invoice chasing and save them over seven hours a week in admin tasks. Access their debtor data in a single view and deliver a premium credit control advisory service.

“Clients are really happy. One client’s debtor days went from 144 to down in the 30s, and their cash balance has gone up by £25,000.” Steve Timmis, Sempar Accountancy and Tax

Satago provides unlimited credit summaries and credit reports. So, there's no need to pay for additional credit checking software! Clients can use Satago to credit check their customers and protect against bad debt.

Finally, Satago provides clients with a reliable funding option if they need it, with invoice finance. Clients can choose which invoices to fund on a flexible basis and will receive their advance within 24 hours of approval.

Keep your clients in the black and be their cashflow champion, while earning new, monthly revenue lines. Book a demo today to find out more.


Float is the cash flow forecasting and management platform that helps you deliver actionable, easy-to-understand cash flow insights your clients will love. Whether you’re looking to offer a new service or enhance an existing one, giving clients cash flow visibility has never been easier.

Float syncs with Xero, QuickbooksOnline and FreeAgent every 24 hours, and you can also sync manually whenever you like. This means your forecasts are always up to date with the latest bills, invoices and transactions from your clients’ accounting software. Our one-way sync means you can update expected payment dates on bills and invoices without worrying about anything being pushed back to the accounting software. Keeping expected payment dates up-to-date means your forecasts are always an accurate picture of current and future money in the bank. Having numbers you can trust brings the ultimate peace of mind to you and your clients.

You can also use Float’s scenario planning tool to answer your clients’ most pressing business questions and plan for the future together. Budget variance and budget vs actual reports also help keep your projections on track and you can enhance your monthly reporting with PDF exports to share insights with your clients in a powerful and easy-to-understand way.


Protect your clients’ financial health with Swoop

As the UK economy reopens, opportunities to boost business will be top of mind for many business owners. With £75 billion in loans already backed by the government, it’s now more important than ever for clients to have access to tailored finance solutions which will not only provide the cash injection they need, but also help them make immediate savings and optimise their cash flow management.

The Swoop platform provides simple, secure and speedy access to tailored funding and savings solutions for clients’ businesses, all in one place. We help advisors and their clients:

Secure a cash injection when it’s needed - compare and apply for tailored funding opportunities quickly and easily across loans, equity, grants and commercial mortgages

Cut business costs - utilising our Open Banking and accountancy integration technology, see how much money can be saved by your client in any year, and apply to make a switch across banking, FX, utilities and insurance

A team of experts - discuss your options and receive support throughout the application process from a team of finance professionals with decades of industry expertise

Swoop is already loved and trusted by over 1,000 advisors - so register now to access the tools, funding opportunities, savings options and support to help your clients flourish.

NatWest Rapid Cash

NatWest Rapid Cash was founded in 2019 as a digital lending proposition that helps businesses unlock the cash in unpaid invoices. Unlike traditional banking players, NatWest makes working capital more accessible. The product is highly focused on the customer's need to make everything as easy as possible using innovative technology. NatWest Rapid Cash is a forward-thinking funding solution with a low administrative burden that grows in line with its customers’ businesses.

While traditional working capital funding options can be slow, expensive and complex for the customer and it can take up to 90 days for businesses to get credit, NatWest Rapid Cash addresses these issues head-on, providing a better customer experience and also offering enhanced tangible support to businesses in these challenging times.

The core product innovation inherent in the NatWest Rapid Cash product is the way in which data is used compared to traditional lenders. The solution extracts a vast amount of rich data from multiple sources to auto populate the systems thereby removing the manual burden from customers to supply information. The process is smart, intuitive and fast, leading to a slick and market-leading experience for customers. Key product benefits include quicker decision making, putting the customer in control by not tying them into restrictive agreements as well as letting them select which debtors they wish to borrow against, better value by providing a product that has the flexibility of an overdraft but with higher limits, fair pricing and no property security requirements and, lastly, a unique Payments Detection Engine that identifies and sweeps missed payments automatically, removing the burden from the customer.


itsettled is the gold standard credit control and cashflow management software. Our unique proprietary system has been built on over 25 years of industry experience, so you and your clients can use a proven and effective method to eliminate legacy risk and build cashflow resilience.

It’s quick to get started and guides the user to the most effective way to improve cashflow performance. Until now these practices and techniques were too expensive and out of reach for every SME in the UK.. Now this has changed.

Our digital toolkit is fully integrated into your accountancy package. It’s easy to use, very light touch, and extremely affordable. We give you and your client the comfort and peace of mind that we’re doing the heavy lifting.

With itsettled you will;

  • Eliminate legacy credit control problems.
  • Heavily reduce the risk of future late payments.
  • Build a strong business foundation to improve your cashflow position.
  • Communicate with confidence and maintain strong client relationships.
  • Save time and stress for yourself and your clients.
  • Give you the confidence and peace of mind we are supporting you every step of the way.
  • And, if things do go wrong with your collections, we’ll be working quickly to solve the problem and get you back on track.


AREX is on a mission to drive interest rates down so SMEs can retain more of their money. We believe in equal access to cash. Often financing can be complicated and saturated with hidden costs. Leaving the SME feeling trapped, confused or lost.

AREX helps the SME to take back control by giving them access to a competitive market exchange, bridging the gap of capital market liquidity and cash flow.

Our first product is an automated receivables exchange platform where invoices are converted into a tradable asset class called Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs). ETRs are then sold on an open market where a single ETR can be purchased by one or multiple investors using automated trading bots. Most of the ETRs are filled within seconds of being listed.

Unlike our competitors, we are not a bank or backed by any bank. So we don’t require personal guarantees or debentures. What we are offering is not new, historically large companies have benefited from this type of financing for many years. AREX is now making it possible for SMEs to be afforded the same benefits. Fast, flexible and a cheaper cost of financing.

AREX works purely with accounting and software partners to offer seamlessly integrated financing products to SMEs. As a result, SMEs benefit from attractive and competitively priced financing. While Partners have peace of mind that they are supporting their Clients cash flow needs in an efficient and safe way.

The key to AREX’s success lies in our commitment. Our single-minded focus of empowering businesses to operate using a more sustainable financing vehicle.


There are two problems that make it hard to get paid on time: a finance problem and a payments problem. The finance problem – most invoices come with long payment terms which mean suppliers have to manage cash flow gaps as well as carry the credit risk of their customers. The payments problem - most methods of taking payments are clunky; bank transfers are full of friction and accepting cards is expensive.

iwocaPay solves both problems and lets businesses turn their invoices into a checkout. Customers can pay upfront seamlessly or business customers can opt to spread the cost with Pay Later. With Pay Later, they spread the cost over 90 days reducing their cash flow squeeze. For upfront payments, iwocaPay offers Pay Now - a seamless, two-click payments experience built on Open Banking, completely free for both the supplier and buyer to use.

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