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In the finance world, there are few things as terrifying as switching accounting software. Even the most technologically accomplished accountancy practices will shudder at the thought. However, there comes a moment in the life of a business when migration is inevitable.

For accountancy firms still using tools or systems designed to service startups and the self-employed, it’s a question of upgrade or stagnate. Although great at what they do, small-sized accounting packages like Xero, QuickBooks and Sage aren’t designed for growing clients. When the software can’t provide the insight these businesses require, they become a straightjacket. Clients move on and decide, typically, to insource their finance function.

But accountancy practices shouldn’t have to lose clients as they grow; the solution is to adopt a finance platform built for the mid-market. In other countries larger clients continue to outsource their finance function, because accountancy practices utilise mid-tier enterprise software. This is evident from the success of the Xledger software within the Norwegian partner market.

Xledger is a cloud-based, mid-market software tailor-made to service end-clients that have outgrown their first accounts package. With more than 10,000 customers in 60 countries, a global network of partners including PwC, BDO and KPMG, along with endorsements from IDC and Gartner, we offer a path for ambitious firms to grow without limits.

Double your client base without increasing overheads.

Our advanced accountancy platform enables you to attract and retain larger, more lucrative clients, so you can scale your business and achieve higher profit margins. Common configuration means Xledger partners can serve twice the number of customers with the same overheads and onboard them quicker as a result.

Essendon Accounts and Tax Ltd joined Xledger in 2014. While continuing to service some clients on smaller packages, Roger Eddowes, Managing Director, says that “Our work on Xledger is more lucrative. We can charge our Xledger clients more because of the superior financial information and premium service we can provide. From a business point of view, we always like to have more Xledger clients!”

Furthermore, all your information is stored in the cloud, heightening efficiency, while keeping costs down. Plus, there are no IT maintenance costs and upgrades are automatic. Xledger handles it all while you focus on your clients.

Gain a competitive advantage

Xledger partners can provide their clients with real-time information when other accountancy practices cannot, pushing their business to the forefront of the digital curve. When clients grow, they have more complex needs such as consolidating across entities, managing high transactional volumes, and providing complex and multi-currency reporting. Our enhanced analytical tools equip your clients with access to live multi-dimensional insights directly from their finance system, so you won’t lose clients as they grow.

Accurise, an 100% Xledger accountancy practice with expertise in the hospitality industry made the switch to target more complex clients by providing them with increased visibility and control.

Rob Howard, CEO at Accurise, says: “Fundamentally, Xledger’s technology is giving us a competitive advantage by allowing us to enter a unique market. We can cater to a larger, more complex client base and provide a better service at the same time.”

As Rob says, Xledger is transforming the concept of outsourced accountancy by enabling practices to attract and retain a more complex client. Software designed for more basic accountancy needs cannot provide the level of visibility, insight and control bigger clients require, but Xledger makes it possible.

Offer higher-value services

Xledger’s automation takes care of time-consuming and repetitive duties. Bank reconciliation, invoicing and reporting are just some of the tasks handled in-system, so you can spend more time being a business advisor to your clients, with the same resource. More than ever, clients want accountants that understand their business and can walk them through difficult strategic and financial business decisions.

By providing a platform for your accountancy practice to offer expertise, Xledger enables you to be agile and stay competitive. Providing value-added services in an increasingly uncertain landscape is an asset that will elevate both client satisfaction and business growth.

As Helen Basset, Director at Smith & Williamson, puts it: “Ultimately, Robots can do the basics, it’s the advisory space and the more added value where finance is moving.” With Xledger, your team can deliver improved accounting services to more customers without compromising on quality.

Who do we help?

Our platform is ideal for servicing clients in all sectors, from professional services to not-for-profit, and multi-entity and complex corporate structures can be managed with ease.

Xledger is a true cloud system, meaning your team can log on from any device with an internet connection. During the coronavirus pandemic, our partners have continued to operate efficiently because of the easy, secure, and remote access, empowering them to provide the same level of service to clients without interruption.

For Mike Thorne, CFO at Farmer J – and end-client to an Xledger partner – direct access to real-time information throughout the pandemic has been a lifesaver. He explains, “Being able to access accurate and timely information during the COVID-19 crisis has enabled us to forecast properly which has been vital.”

The quality of our software is world leading. We are hailed as a major player in IDC’s MarketScape Report for the mid-market, and Gartner names us as a global competitor in its Market Guide.

Plus, we pride ourselves on our culture. Founded by Norwegian tech entrepreneur Jarle Sky in 1996, Xledger has a people-focused Scandinavian workplace culture. We take the time to win the trust of each and every client to build a personal relationship over the long term. We have no shareholders to please and will not sacrifice first-class support for growth. For accountancy practices searching for the right finance platform, Xledger is tailor-made to be the ideal solution.

Successful firms need the right tools for the job. Upgrade to Xledger and position yourself for the next decade of growth.

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