Issue seven

Welcome to issue seven of Digital Accountancy Magazine

Editor’s Introduction

Over recent weeks, the UK has started to slowly move out of lockdown and we have seen a number of businesses reopen. It has been such a tough time for these businesses over the last year that is great to see them now back operating and looking ahead once more.

We have also started to hear from accountants who are looking into when and if they will reopen their offices. We have all had to work remotely and technology has played a huge role and this has really changed the future of the accountancy profession. Some firms have decided to close their offices completely and many others are looking to have a hybrid approach whereby there will be more flexibility with a mix of working from home and the office. In all cases, technology is here to stay and we have all become much more tech-savvy in the process! In this issue, we have a great article from Neil Sheenan, Partner Consulting Manager at Xero, on how digitisation is reshaping accountancy and how this will continue into the new year and beyond. It makes a fascinating read.

At the recent Advisory Live event, we heard from Bernie Smith, the founder of Made to Measure KPIs, who discussed how to uncover your clients’ most important KPIs. This was one of the most popular talks of the day and, in this issue, we have an interesting article from Bernie on why SMART objectives don't cut it in the real world. It is a great read and full of really useful information. This is the first of a three-part series from Bernie and I am looking forward to reading the next article already!

Social media is something that plays a big part in modern society and we have a fascinating article from Mike Crook of PracticeWeb discussing if social media can work for an accountancy firm. It is full ofsome really interesting insights and surprising facts about social media and tips on how we can use it best in our firms. It is well worth a read and I know I got some really useful advice that I can now use in my social media marketing.

We also have some great interviews in this issue, including one with Alastair Barlow from flinder where he gives us some useful advice on how to we can take our advisory business From £0 to £1 million turnover in 3 years. We also caught up with Helen Bassett from Smith & Williamson about how they are using RPA in their firm and offering this as a service to their clients - it is really quite amazing!

We have some other great features along with our book review from Della Hudson, Excel top tip from Dave Sellick and a Zapier top tip from Rowan Van Tromp so it really is a jam-packed issue!

I really hope you enjoy reading this issue and please do let me know your feedback 🙂

Until next time take care,

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