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Clarity is the complete business advisory solution for accountants, bookkeepers and advisors.

Our platform combines the power of cutting-edge technology together with high-impact systems and processes to get great results for your firm and clients every time. We enable our members to create, package, price and deliver added-value business advisory services to small businesses worldwide.

Co-founders Aynsley Damery and Steve Briginshaw have built on the successes of their multi-award-winning accounting firms to create a solution that really is, made by accountants for accountants.

We know that accountants have struggled with introducing/scaling business advisory services in the past. Clarity provides members with education and implementation programmes that are achieving great results. We also host multiple ‘members only’ events for our vibrant community to empower your team, firm and clients to achieve success.

To date, Clarity has helped members increase revenue by 50%, net profits by 125%, engage their team, free up time and create freedom – helping your clients to do the same along the way. To find out your firm’s potential, check out our calculator here.


Your clients want advice on their businesses like never before. Fathom helps you provide that advice in a clear, visual and actionable way clients can easily understand. With Fathom, you can get a visually driven and intelligent understanding of how your client’s business is tracking. Connect your clients financial data from Xero, QuickBooks or Excel and track financial KPIs, design Intelligent three-way cash flow forecasts and produce engaging management reports. Forecasting in Fathom helps you answer client’s questions, and see the impact of decisions such as hiring new staff or purchasing new assets. You can then build these into a business roadmap to guide your clients through uncertain times. Fathom’s beautiful visual interface presents the meaning behind the data in a simple, easy to understand way that your clients will love. And it’s fully customisable reporting function means you can deliver world-class management reports in minutes. Because we know that better business decisions lead to stronger and more profitable businesses. Start your free 14 day trial (no credit card required) at and see why more than 40,000 businesses globally use Fathom as their go-to financial intelligence, forecasting and reporting app.


Tired of using one tool for credit control, another for cashflow forecasting and something else entirely to help clients get a loan? Fluidly is your one-stop solution – with everything you need to know about clients’ cashflow situation in one place. From forecasting to funding, Fluidly helps you keep clients happy and launch new services with ease. Fluidy works with over 500 accounting practices, along with tens of thousands of their small business clients. In 2020, it won cashflow software awards from the likes of Accounting Excellence, ICB and Xero. Fluidly membership doesn’t just equip you with the tools to support your clients, it helps your firm promote and market every type of cashflow service. That means access to four cashflow tools – Forecast, Plan, Fund and Chase – and the support to get new services off the ground. Use Fluidly to stand out from competitors, provide a wealth of value and become clients’ go-to adviser.


Farmers and their Advisers depend on having relevant and high quality financial information to inform on-farm decisions - and with agriculture going through a period of change like no other, it has never been more important to have real time financial visibility on the current and future viability of the Farming business.

Figured brings the whole farming team together in the cloud to collaborate on one set of data, bringing in real-time financials through our integration with Xero, and up-to-date farm production data from the farming team or brought from external sources such as BCMS. This combination of financial and production data feeds into the Figured reporting suite for simple and flexible management and production reporting, and allows for accurate profitability breakdowns across the businesses single or multiple enterprises. From this base, we can then easily build robust budgets through our monthly annual planning tool, and long-term business plans through the Scenarios tool - helping advise the business for both the immediate future, and the long-term outlook.

Figured was designed for flexibility, so it's well suited for all farms and estates - and our new Figured Insights Platform enables portfolio modelling of farms so accountants can understand economic impacts and risks across all their clients at the click of a button.

Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting is Xero's #1 reporting and cash flow forecasting app. It was built by progressive accountants, for progressive accountants, and is the preferred choice of the Big 4 and leading progressive accounting firms around the world.

Spotlight Reporting offers a great range of comprehensive performance reports and also have full three-way and consolidated forecasting. There are also customizable dashboards and advanced consolidated reports for multi-entity businesses and franchises. Our software empowers accountants to have great conversations with their clients and to add more value to the relationship.

The Spotlight suite of tools are ideal for accounting firms, business owners, CFOs, franchises, and nonprofits seeking greater clarity and insights. In addition, Spotlight adopts a partnership model with customers, providing a dedicated Customer Success Specialist for onboarding and growth, thought leadership, training resources, and a 24/7 Support team.


From trusted advisor to indispensable partner

Accountants can finally leverage real-time data to provide future-focussed advice but there’s a problem; clients struggle to turn plans into results - it’s called the Execution Gap.

67% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution

If business owners don’t see the results from business advisory they may question the advice or even resent paying for it. That not only undermines the accountant's trusted advisor status but also damages the overall relationship – potentially jeopardising both advisory and compliance work.

There is a solution – and it’s a win-win for both accountants and their clients. Rather than simply offering advice, it sees the accountant go one step further – working in the business with the client to help make sure the projected results are achieved. It’s a service called Strategy Execution Support, and helps accountants put it into practice.

Do this and you become more than a trusted advisor. You become an indispensable partner and in doing so you will be able to:

  • Build a reputation for getting results
  • Adopt premium pricing
  • Protect and grow revenues
  • Differentiate the firm
  • Attract top talent
  • Choose the clients you work with

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