Issue six

Welcome to issue six of Digital Accountancy Magazine

Editor’s Introduction

Welcome to the new issue of the Digital Accountancy Magazine and the first one for 2021! I hope that the year has got off to a flying start for you all.

Often the start of a new year also signals the time to focus on your business and set some targets for the year ahead. As we have seen a surge in technology over the last 12 months, many firms are considering the apps that they want to use in the future in order to help them achieve their targets. The choice is, however, vast and we are tempted to try out so many! It can be mind-boggling! However, we need to focus, select the applications and build a solid relationship with the software provider to get the maximum from the apps we use.

In this issue, we have caught up with David Tuck, the founder of Chaser, who has given us some great advice on how we achieve the best relationship with the software providers we partner within our business. There are some great hints and tips and it really helps to focus the mind!

We also examine some of the digital tools available that will help accountants deliver advisory services to their clients. This is a growing area for many firms and one that is predicted to grow further in the future. As we begin to move out of lockdown, there are a lot of uncertainties for businesses where accountants can really help through delivery of real time insights and valuable information. This feature highlights some of the great apps available to help accountants get started and develop this service for their clients.

Do you post on social media then go back regularly to see how many likes and comments you have had? We have a really insightful article from Amanda Watts which discusses social media engagement and she discusses why likes are not important and she provides us with some advice on what is important and what we should be doing. Make sure you check out before you write your next social media post!

With many of us working from home, there is a need to focus more closely on how we are managing our cybersecurity and, in this issue, we have a great article that covers the key points that we need to know. There are some key things we all need to consider and we need to make sure we do this now.

We also have regular features including our Firms in the Spotlight feature where we caught up with Scrutton Bland and Future Cloud Accounting, recommendations for books and podcasts and some top tips for using Excel and Zapier - it is a jam-packed issue!

I really hope you enjoy this issue and I look forward to bringing you issue 7 in a few months time!

Stay safe and well

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